Who Are We


Tainted Goods Clothing emerged in the early 2000s, epitomizing a rebellious and edgy fusion of BMX Freestyle-inspired designs with a raw and unapologetic attitude. Channeling the electrifying energy of BMX culture, their clothing line screamed defiance. Tainted Goods Clothing exuded a raunchy, in-your-face attitude, encapsulating the essence of BMX's daring and rebellious nature.

Their collaboration with the iconic rock band Queensryche and other heavy metal bands brought a new dimension to their design ethos. Melding Tainted Goods' unapologetic style with Queensryche's provocative and boundary-pushing musical identity, the merchandise and album cover designs unleashed a riotous visual narrative. The collaboration birthed merchandise pieces and album covers that challenged conventions, blurring the lines between fashion, music, and an unfiltered attitude.